All About My Magic Tunnel


At “My Magic Tunnel” is our mission to:

  • Build a village of support for parents.
  • Provide advice and ideas for sleep, behavior, emotional and motor development that can be implemented in a fun and stress-free way.
  • Add more magic to every childhood and household in Australia (and maybe all over the world one day)!


  • To help develop and keep children’s (and parents) imaginations alive.
  • To provide a toy that is sustainable and versatile that will keep the childs interest over a number of years.
  • To provide a tech-free toy that helps to develop motor, cognitive, and emotional skills.

How it all began

When Hayley’s son was little, he was obsessed with trains. One year when planning Christmas presents for both her children, she came across a magic fairy door and wondered if there was anything similar for mini train lovers. She envisioned a tunnel against a wall with a little train that goes through the tunnel at night and brings back treats and postcards. And that is when the idea for ‘My Magic Tunnel’ was born.

About "My Magic Tunnel"

Your ‘My Magic Tunnel’ kit includes a magical tunnel, track, train and book. Follow the instructions in the book to help your child set up their magic train and tunnel and give it a name. Then use the product to deliver treats and messages to your child – where your imagination is the only limit OR use our postcards (sold separately) to provide ideas for play, development and fun to keep your child’s adventures progressing through the day.

Why MMT?

From bedtime screamers to sleepy dreamers!

69% of children 10 and under experience some type of sleep problem, according to the National Sleep Foundation's (NSF) 2004 Sleep in America poll. There are many factors that affect sleep, however a stressful and emotional bedtime routine can lead to release of cortisol that is not conducive to sleep.

My Magic Tunnel provides a focus on connection between adult and child during the bedtime routine. Children can rest easier knowing that their magical train is next to them, helping their mind to focus on positive dreams as they drift off to sleep. The book also provides other bedtime strategies from Occupational Therapist and mother of 2 to help develop a more seamless bedtime routine.

Turn teach fixation into playful imaginations!

83% of parents, carers and grandparents feel that their child is negatively distracted by digital technologies (Research from the Gonski Institute for Education at UNSW Sydney)

‘My Magic Tunnel’ is a versatile toy that harnesses the belief in magic. It delivers postcards with non-tech based activity ideas to keep the kids busy throughout the day and promote development of motor skills and imaginative play skills.

Invest your money in endless fun!

90% of the $20 billion/yr toy market is made up of inexpensive plastic toys – that’s a lot of cheap, easily breakable plastic with most of it inevitably ending up in the bottom of a toybox and eventually landfill. 'My Magic Tunnel' combines recyclable plastic and wooden parts, and is designed to be versatile so it can grow with your child and be a favourite toy for many years.