How to Use “My Magic Tunnel”: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Magic and Memories

Welcome to the enchanting world of “My Magic Tunnel”! This innovative toy is designed to bring joy, developmental benefits, and a touch of magic to your family’s daily routine. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make the most out of this magical experience. 

Step 1: Read the Book Together

Begin your journey by reading the book that accompanies My Magic Tunnel. This story sets the foundation for the magical adventures ahead. Gather your child and enjoy some quality time as you immerse yourselves in the tale. The book introduces the concept of the magic tunnel and the train that travels through it, sparking your child’s imagination and excitement.

Step 2: Name Your Train

After reading the book, it’s time to personalize your experience by naming your magical train. Let your child choose a name that resonates with them—whether it’s “Speedy,” “Sparkle,” or “Adventure Express.” This naming process makes the train feel special and unique.

Step 3: Fill Out the Naming Certificate

At the back of the book, you’ll find a naming certificate. Have your child fill out this certificate with the chosen name, and maybe even add a little drawing or decoration. This fun activity helps to cement the magic and makes the train an official member of your family’s adventures.

Step 4: Set Up the Tunnel and Track

Choose a suitable spot in your home to set up My Magic Tunnel. Ideally, position it against the wall next to your child’s bed or on a shelf in a living area. This makes it easily accessible and a part of their everyday environment. The tunnel is designed for easy setup, making it convenient for any space.

Step 5: Prepare the Train for Night-Time Travel

As part of your bedtime routine, place the train on the track at night, facing the tunnel so it’s ready to travel through when the magical tunnel opens. This simple ritual sets the stage for the night’s magic.

Step 6: Magical Bedtime Chats

During tuck-in time, engage in a special chat about where the magical train is going to go. Ask your child if they are going to the land of dreams with their train. Discuss where they and their train will journey together, and whether mum or dad is coming along or going on a different dream adventure. These conversations help your child feel connected to you, even when you leave the room, and make bedtime a comforting and magical experience.

Step 7: Reward On-Time Sleep

If your child is asleep on time, simply turn the train around and place a treat or an add-on postcard into the carriage. This small reward reinforces positive bedtime habits and keeps the magic alive.

Step 8: Start the Day with Magic

Watch and enjoy as your child starts their day with a magical experience. The excitement of finding the train turned around and discovering a treat or a new adventure postcard sets a joyful tone for the day ahead.

Step 9: Engage with Add-On Postcards

If you’ve purchased the add-on postcards, these will provide your child with suggested play activities that are both fun and developmental. These activities help develop crucial motor and imaginative play skills. Knowing that your child is engaging in productive and enriching activities throughout the day allows you to feel less of that dreaded parent guilt.

Conclusion: Embrace the Magic

“My Magic Tunnel” is more than just a toy—it’s a tool for creating lasting memories, fostering development, and adding a touch of magic to everyday life. By following these steps, you can make bedtime smoother, playtime more enriching, and mornings more magical.


Thank you for checking into the My Magic Tunnel parent station and letting me be a part of your parenting journey!

Until next week, breathe deeply, stay sane and try to enjoy the adventure of parenting!

Hayley – xx